About Us

Keith Gray started Fat Feet after competing in various events over the years, including running, triathlons and multi activity events as well as competing abroad in non-stop Desert Ultra marathons.


I was totally inspired by the race locations while racing abroad and wanted to try and develop events in great locations myself. Living and training in Lincolnshire and Rutland made these obvious starting points. I hope competitors find these often overlooked locations as beautiful and uplifting as I do.

Why Fat Feet?

Whilst participating in desert ultra marathon events I, along with many others, suffered from “Fat Feet” after hours and hours of running. In the body’s attempt to protect the painful injured feet, fluid gathers causing them to swell resulting with the inevitable “Fat Feet”.

“In my first 100+ miler event my feet were so swollen that my shoes had become tight enough to restrict the blood flow to my feet. After struggling to get my chubby feet out of my shoes I used a knife to cut down the heel of them to release the pressure that was obviously causing my such pain. Since then I have learnt from this and use shoes that are slightly bigger than my normal shoe size to allow for the swelling.

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