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The Grim Reaper (40 , 70 or 100 miles)


The 2014 date of the GrimReaper UltraMarathon has been decided. The race will begin at 9.30am on Friday the 1st of August. The event will have a 26 hour time limit meaning the finish time will be 11.30am on Saturday the 2nd of August.

Distances available – 40, 70 or 100 miles in 26 hours

1st-2nd August  (26 hrs time limit)

Solo entries or team (relay format) entries accepted.Camping welcomed from Thursday evening at the castle grounds.


40 miles – £53.00

70 miles- £65.00

100 miles- £86.00



2014 will see the introduction of team entries across the 3 distances.

40 miles – Team of 2 –  £100.00

70 miles – Team of 3 – £180.00

100 miles – Team of 4 – £240 Until December 1st 2013 (£320.00 on and after December 1st) Simply enter as a 4 person team under the running club category and your discount will be applied.

100 miles – Official UKA Running Club Team Of 4- £240 (At least 2 members of the team must be members of the running club – proof on race day will be required)


2014 will see the GrimReaper in its 5th year and is going from strength to strength.  The GrimReaper UltraMarathon has gained a loyal following year on year and has proved hugely popular.  Grimsthorpe Castle (www.grimsthorpe.co.uk) in Lincolnshire, is the fantastic venue for the event, which will run from Friday 1st of August (9.30am) to Saturday 2nd August (11.30am). Grimsthorpe Estate is an historic house, park and garden in Lincolnshire.

Solo and Team categories will compete over various race distances (40, 70 and 100 miles) with all categories and distances starting at the same time and all having the same time limit of 26 hours.

The race is non-stop and will continue through the night. The route will incorporate multiple loops through the beautiful grounds of the Grimsthorpe estate.  Runners will carry electronic timing chips that will record the lap times. The terrain is a mixture of a limestone trail , tarmac and field trails. At the end of each loop entrants will return to the main check point where they have access to their tent supplies. All entrants are required to bring a tent to put their supplies in that they will need for the duration of the event.

All competitors will be expected to manage their own time, deciding how long to spend resting and refueling during the event.


Recommended Minimum Requirements For Solo Entrants

Each distance is open to both elite and novice runners but we do recommend having a certain fitness level for each event.

40 miles -The time limit of 26 hours makes the 40 mile distance very achievable for even the slowest of entrants.We would say though that a person entering this event should have a reasonable level of fitness as a minimum.

70 miles -The 70 mile distance is still very achievable in 26 hours but we would recommend a good level of fitness to complete.

100 miles -The 100 mile event is very challenging and is ideally suited to runners who are extremely fit, healthy and experienced ultra runners.

Even if you have never competed in an ultra marathon before, Your physical fitness will only get you so far and your mental toughness will determine whether or not you cross the finish line. This is an event that tests your endurance and stamina, not your navigational skills. Many Ultra races require a certain amount of navigational skill which frustrate some athletes.These athletes will be relieved to know that no map skills will be required as the large looping route will be clearly marked.  The organizers will provide water, tea coffee, a selection of food (but please don’t rely on this as it may not suit your dietary requirements) and toilet facilities. As the estate is privately owned spectators will only be allowed a limited amount of access, which will be decided nearer the time. If spectators want to volunteer to assist with the running of the event though they will be able to stay on the estate for the full duration of the event (please use contact page to request to volunteer)


Synopsis Of Race

Runners to complete approx 4 , 7 or 10 laps of 10 mile loop. Each competitor will be given an electronic timing chip which they must place in the timing receiver at the far end of each loop and at the near end of each loop. When you have the correct number of verified laps you have completed the race. After completing each loop you will arrive at the organisers tent where you have access to your kit. The route is beautifully varied incorporating hard limestone trail, grass trail and tarmac trail with fantastic scenery and wildlife on show.

Grim Reaper competitors must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the race.



Rules for team entrants

Running Club 100 Mile Team Entries – At least 2 people  of the 4 team members entering as a running club for the 100 mile event have to be members of a UKA affiliated running club

General rules for team entries

At least 1 person (can be more if you want) from each team must be completing each loop through the castle estate. The final lap of the distance the team has entered must be completed by the whole team. The result will be given as the last person in that team finishes. This format allows teams to explore different tactics on how they want to approach the event. If a team member gets injured and can’t complete the final lap with the rest of the team we will record the finishing time of the team in the results but they will be classed as RT  ( Reduced Team ) and therefor cannot win the category.



1. What type of shoes should I be wearing ? The terrain is a mixture of Grass Trail, Hard limestone trail, field trail and tarmac. Based on this we would recommend a trail shoe with reasonable size lugs (grips) on the sole. If the course is dry and you prefer road running shoes then we don’t see a problem with this.

2. I have friends who want to come and support me, can they watch and stay through the night? Spectators must leave the grounds by 6pm on the Friday night and are not allowed back onto the castle grounds until 8.00am the next morning. If spectators want to volunteer to assist with the running of the event then they are classed as staff and will be allowed to stay on site for the duration of the event (request to be a volunteer via the contact page). Spectators are encouraged to attend and can relax at the main check point infront of the castle watching the runners complete their laps.


3. I’ve never run at night on my own is it safe? The estate is privately owned meaning that the estate staff and fat feet runners will be out on the course and no one else. Their will be plenty of people on the route through the night and if you get a decent powerful head torch you shouldn’t feel any problems.

4. When I finish the event is their somewhere to sleep at the venue ? Yes if you are wanting to sleep at the venue you are welcome to erect a small tent before the race starts near to the organisers tent. This has proved very popular as alot of the runners are in celebratory mood once they have finished so sit around chatting until crashing out in their tent. We allow camping at the estate from the Thursday evening if people wish to arrive the night before race day.



5. I’m looking for some accommodation close to the venue could you recommend any?

Black Horse Inn


Travellodge Colsterworth


Low Farm Touring and Camping Park


The Barn at Folkingham


Wishing Well Inn (Dyke)


6. I’m considering entering the 40 / 70 mile event. If I complete that distance and want to carry on to try and complete the next distance will it count?

I’m afraid not. The event you enter is the one you will be given a result for. We have to order the correct number of finisher medals.


8. Will we get a medal / Trophy?

Yes all runners completing the relevant distance they enter will receive a bespoke GrimReaper medal. Category winners will win 50% discount to the Ocean Floor Race as well as engraved trophy.

Categories winners

1st Solo Male 40 miles

1st Solo Female 40 miles

1st Solo Male 70 miles

1st Solo Female 70 miles

1st Solo Male 100 miles

1st Solo Female 100 miles

1st -Team Event – 40 miles

1st -Team Event – 70 miles

1st -Team Event – 100 miles (including running club teams)



9. I’m a bit lost with what kit to bring with me can you help?

The UltraMarathon running store  is a good supplier of kit for this type of event.






Possible kit list

• Ruc Sac- you only need a small one to carry water and possibly some food as you will be returning to the check point every 10 miles where you have access to anything you may require

• Water bottles or water bladder to fit in ruc sac

• Head Torch

• Ipod

• Sleeping Bag

Warm Clothing for night time (running tights, hat, gloves buff hat etc

• Waterproof (lightweight)

• Trekking poles (some people prefer using trekking poles when doing long distance events as it can ease stress on the joints)

• Food of your preference- we will provide some food but don’t rely on this as it may not be to your liking  – boil in the bag meals (we have hot water), energy bars, jelly babies, etc etc

• Change of socks /baby wipes and talc – Some peoples feet suffer more than others. I would suggest these people clean their feet and use talc to keep them dry and then change their socks at least once during the event.




View Grimsthorpe UltraMarathon- Participants entrance in a larger map

Public Transport To Estate - Grantham is the nearest train station to the estate (approx 20 minutes by car from station to estate.) Unfortunately there is no bus service to Grimsthorpe estate. Alternatively you can get a train to Petertborough , then the bus (Delaine bus company link ) to Bourne and then a taxi from Bourne to the estate (3 miles from Bourne to Grimsthorpe)


Camping Prices

Those wishing to camp on the Thursday evening will be able to gain access to the estate during the day on Thursday but will only be able to set up their tent from 6pm. We will be charging for this Thursday night stay upon your arrival and will only accept cash. Exact amount will be confirmed as soon as possible. Friday night camping is included in the entry fee. You will not be able to camp on Saturday night (Estate rules).

Official UK running clubs will be entitled to a 25% discount for 1 team entry to the 100 mile event. At least 2 people of the 4 person team must be members of the running club. This does not apply to the 40 mile event or 70 mile event. Proof of running club membership will be required on race day.

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