GrimReaper Results 2014

GrimReaper Results 2014

GrimReaper Ultra Results 2013

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Grimsthorpe Half Marathon 2013 Results

Last Name First Name Time Running Club
Morris Jim 01:23:42
Woodus Mark 01:24:21
Killilea Tony 01:25:34 London Heathside
Savage Ricki 01:28:08 Thanet Roadrunners AC
Rozitis Ben 01:29:31 David Lloyd Redway Runners
Robinson Ian 01:30:23 Barrow Runners
Sheppard Nigel 01:35:34 David Lloyd Redway Runners
Anderson Richard 01:36:26
Russell Matthew 01:36:51
Lennon Ciarán 01:37:39
Hancock Anthony 01:38:20 ToneZone Runners
Dura Piotr 01:39:08 Notfast RC Newark-On-Trent
Jordan Stephen 01:39:58
Ballantyne Kyle 01:40:04 Yaxley Runners and Joggers
Stark Warren 01:40:47
Brackley Colin 01:41:09
Hull David 01:41:33 Werrington Joggers
Hoult Spencer 01:41:54 Thanet Roadrunners AC
tebbs martin 01:42:27
Grigas Darren 01:44:07
Marshall Steve 01:44:17 Lincoln & District
Knight Charles 01:45:11
Clarke Darren 01:47:32
Showell Justin 01:47:44 Haslemere Border AC
Eddington John 01:48:06
Naylor Vicky 01:48:10 Eye Community Runners
Hammond Robert 01:48:31
davies mark 01:48:38
Lidstone Patrick 01:48:38
Sharpe James 01:48:38
Tippett Rob 01:48:54
garford sarah 01:49:39 hinckley running club
Jubb Tim 01:50:02
Homer Judy 01:50:16 Skegness Coasters
Rickett Leanne 01:50:59 Fenland
McDonagh Paul 01:51:18
Hill Andrew 01:51:37
Bodell Michael 01:51:49
Culverhouse Tim 01:52:16
Green Jenny 01:52:55 Hinckley running club
Over Marc 01:53:02 Werrington Joggers
Bland stephen 01:53:38
stoker paul 01:53:44 STAMFORD TRI CLUB
saw nathan 01:53:50 lincolnshire
hodgson david 01:54:33
Denwood Paul 01:54:48 Fenland running club
Hamill Richard 01:54:52
Hutchinson Anthony 01:55:17 White Horse Harriers
Byard Leanne 01:55:42 Hinckley running club
hodson Rachel 01:55:46 thorney running
Griffiths Matt 01:55:49 Derwent Runners
Rowell Steve 01:56:24
Gibbons Helen 01:56:25
Gap Kirsty 01:56:42
Payne Lucy 01:57:18 sleaford town runners
mcdyre mick 01:57:24 CORBY AC
Hewitt Charlie 01:58:03
Joannes Lucille 01:58:07 Tunbridge Wells Harriers
Tuck Rachel 01:58:47
Robinson Elizabeth 01:59:22 Barrow Runners
Robinson Amy 01:59:22
Tredgett Rod 01:59:39
Boo Magdalena 02:01:57 Steel City Striders
Cox Hilary 02:02:32 Worthing Striders
Sidaway Georgina       02:02:57
Guest Richard 02:03:50 Hinckley running club
Wapenaar Wendela 02:04:01 EL Tri club
Miller David 02:04:07
Senogles Tom 02:04:18
Mckenzie Samuel 02:04:23
Buckley Emma 02:04:33 Widnes Wasps Ladies R C (3081159)
chaney cheryl 02:04:33 plodders
Handley Jo 02:06:16
Fisher Jonathan 02:06:59
Mackinnon Andrew 02:06:59
Garrod Thomas 02:08:12
Waters Darren 02:09:05
Jennings Mary 02:11:50 Cambridge and Coleridge
White Maria 02:16:57 Long Eaton Running Club
hudson kerry 02:17:40 Fetch Everyone Running Club
Morton Sam 02:18:10
Bland Jessica 02:18:18
Cogan Sheamus 02:20:34
Winchester Daniel 02:21:39
ALDERSON MARK 02:23:54 Stamford Striders
Barnett Cleveland 02:28:04
Hall Lesley 02:29:09
Smith Derek 02:29:09 Stamford Tri Club
Lowe Penelope 02:35:05
gregory stuart 02:38:57
Totemeyer Sabine 02:39:06
Chan So Mei 02:39:53
Dobler Andy 02:47:03
Balls Jennifer 02:48:27 Adinuff Endurance Fitness Running Club
Bright Ria 03:16:39

Ocean Floor Race Results – 2013

What fantastic event. We are so pleased with how it went and the feed back we have had from the runners has been magnificent. It was an epic adventure with some amazing people to share it with. The smiles even when things were tough, the humor (Tom Forman), and the atmosphere throughout that gave the adventure a feeling that everyone involved was part of one big family. We have all said it was a pleasure to have such positive people running the event and we loved making your experience as memorable as we could.

The official results are as follows.

1st – Pasqual Brandi- 48hrs 15 minutes

2nd- Sharon Gaytor – 50 hrs 15 minutes

3rd- Tommaso de Mottoni – 66hrs 35 minutes

4th- George Philips – 71 hrs 10 minutes

5th-(Joint 5th Place) Bryan Rudd, Tom Forman, Antony Hugill -71hrs 35 minutes

8th- Jamie Flanagan-73hrs 35mins

9th (Joint 9th Place) Sarah Gardner Hall and Amanda Boldy-76hrs 35 mins

Matt Neil – DNF (Retired at CP 4)

Kenwynne Barber- DNF (Retired at CP 3)

Rutland Water Marathon Results

2012 Rutland Water  Preliminary  Results



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